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Innovative strategies for diversity inclusion
Supplier Diversity Solutions Michelle Le February 6, 2020
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Helping you simplify your supplier diversity program

RLC partners with our corporate clients to help plan, organize and develop award winning supplier diversity programs. With over 52 years of combine industry experience, we leverage best-in-class procurement practices and strategies to promote supplier inclusion and diversity in your supply chain

Our Best in Class Process

We have successfully worked with CEOs, executive boards and directors to build and implement prominent award winning supplier diversity programs for over 10 years.

Full range assessment
Overview of your supply chain landscape

RLC can work with your team at any stage, whether you’re looking to launch your supplier diversity program or take it to the next level. By doing a full assessment of your current landscape, we are not only able to understand your unique corporate vision but also align on how to bring it to life. The key to our success is combining our relevant, direct and powerful industry experience with the commitments of our clients.

Powerful insightful analysis
Accelerate your supplier inclusion efforts

Based on our initial research, we work with our clients to provide strategic recommendations on industry trends, competitive threats and critical decisions. Our expertise has led to the development of multiple award-winning supplier diversity programs. We have also formed hundreds of partnerships between diverse companies and larger organizations. Helping our clients find potential collaborations with diverse firms is our specialty.

Strategic procurement framework
Driving success with supplier diversity

From assessing and analyzing your supplier diversity landscape, we will assemble a strategic framework for your supplier diversity program that is supported by your constituents. This framework leverages best-in-class strategic sourcing and supplier diversity methods. Our ultimate goal is to connect your program to surrounding communities, diverse suppliers, and diversity advocates, resulting in a powerful and resilient diverse ecosystem

Implementing supplier diversity
Achieving your diversity goals

Once the strategic framework has been established for your program, our team of supplier diversity expert will work with you to implement and execute an exemplary supplier diversity program. We will ensure your program incorporates all of the deliverables outlined for your initiatives. With our guidance, you will be able to establish a strategy and align the goals of the program with the overall corporate policy.

We design a supplier diversity program that engages the best suppliers right stakeholders strongest advocates

RLC uses its industry-wide relationships to improve the inclusion of diverse suppliers into an organization’s supply chain. RLC’s provides continual education through panels, eLearning programs, executive management programs. This has resulted in an increase of competition across various industries which led to significant cost reduction.

  • Relevant, direct and powerful industry experience
  • Award-winning strategic knowledge resulting from previous leadership positions
  • Developing innovative approaches for diversity inclusion
  • Knowledge of developing small and large-scale business outreach events
Our Supplier Diversity Services

Whether you are looking to start a new supplier diversity program or need a boost to increase your current diversity spend goals, our passionate team can help your diversity efforts at any level. 

Tier 1 Supplier Diversity

Building a strong supplier diversity program that is comprehensive, well-supported, and focused on driving long-term success for both the company and its diverse suppliers.

Tier 2 Supplier Diversity

Launching programs to partner directly with your Tier 1 suppliers to increase the diversity of the your overall supply chain and support the growth of diverse businesses

Global Supplier Diversity

Building your Global Diversity program into a powerful force for promoting innovation and creativity, and fostering a more inclusive and equitable business environment

We started this firm 10 years ago out of a desire to drive and elevate supplier inclusion and diversity
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