• Community Engagement

  • Small Business Development

  • Supplier Diversity

  • Managed Services

  • Sports and Entertainment


Community Engagement


Assist clients with establishing and launching strategic plans to address community diversity concerns.


Partnerships formed with clients, local diverse businesses, local diversity advocates, and local political and community leaders.


  • Construct strategic plan to respond to community pressures
  • Represent client at community engagements
  • Develop and expand relationships with community leaders and media representatives

Small Business Development


Provide consulting to diverse business owners seeking to penetrate markets. Services include 3 levels of partnerships centered on connecting diverse businesses with procurement opportunities, advisement on launches of innovative products, and creation of innovative revenue generating solutions with diverse suppliers.


RLC assists diverse business owners through various levels of partnerships ranging from basic introductions to actual representation of a client’s business.


The 3 levels of partnership provided by RLC is as follows

  • Matchmaker Level –

    This is the introductory level suitable for simple relationships with business owners just starting their businesses.

  • Developer Level –

    This level is for business owners seeking more collaborations and connections with corporations. At this level, RLC is able to develop business owners through relationships with academic institutions and other firms.

  • Partner –

    This ultimate level provides unheralded services between consultants and diverse business owners. At this level, RLC is able to build sustainable successful businesses while representing companies during opportunities with corporations as well as global expansion.


Supplier Diversity


Design, build, launch and manage exemplary supplier diversity programs.


Create exemplary supplier diversity programs utilizing RLC’s customized approach which includes our ability to:

  • Launch exemplary supplier diversity programs
  • Mentor local/national/global diverse suppliers
  • Develop supplier diversity professionals


RLC has over 52 collective years of running globally-recognized supplier diversity programs in industries such as healthcare, advertising, entertainment, media, sports, technology/telecom, distribution, and pharmaceutical.

Our collective history in supplier diversity has allowed RLC to have an expansive network to create innovative solutions, while focusing on the following 4 phases of growth:

  • Infrastructure –

    This is the introductory level that focuses on incorporating supplier diversity into key internal documents while establishing the business case among senior executives who will be needed to support the program.

  • Outreach –

    This phase connects the client’s newly formed supplier diversity program to surrounding communities, diverse suppliers and diversity advocates.

  • Strategic –

    This next phase creates the initial framework for a supplier diversity program that is more aggressively supported by the client’s constituents (i.e. employees, communities, advocates and suppliers).

  • Exemplary –

    This last phase focuses on building a sustainable supplier diversity program that incorporates all deliverables of RLC by creating key internal/external relationships, developing innovative partnerships, mentoring diverse suppliers, and establishing an internal council that advises the client on supplier diversity.


Managed Services


Collaborate with organizations and corporations to provide a comprehensive solution to streamline their procurement process while building an exemplary supplier diversity program.


RLC platform offers specialized software tools, analytics, applications and other services to improve workforce productivity while increasing cost savings. Our managed services program allows clients to reduce their number of vendors while channeling payments through one diverse supplier, RLC.


  • Consolidate supply chain resources and costs
  • Develop local diverse businesses while identifying opportunities to expand
  • Analyze local spend and opportunities portfolio and then report to client


As corporations and organizations have sought various ways to increase cost savings, interest in collaborating with supplier managed service providers (sMSP) has increased. RLC’s supplier diversity and procurement success has created a comprehensive solution to meet a plethora of goals.

Not only would our clients benefit from the cost savings generated because of the outsourced supply chain services, they would be able to enjoy the benefits of a having an exemplary supplier diversity program. Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for the outsourcement of a world class procurement and supplier diversity program.


Sports and Entertainment


Assist professional athletes and entertainers with their transition from sports/entertainment to business ownership, utilizing diversity status and other differentiators.


Partnerships formed with supplier diversity professionals, academia, accelerators, industry groups, and retired athlete associations


  • Professional development/coaching via business executives and academia through live workshops and virtual learnings
  • Assist with obtaining supplier diversity certification
  • Connect with funding sources
  • Advise on product/service market penetration and company acquisitions
  • Represent at professional meetings
  • Connect to speaking engagements
  • Assist with connections to manage philanthropy and tax benefits
  • Provide platform to obtain mini-MBA certification


Professional athletes and entertainers have often found success transitioning from sports/entertainment into business ownership.

Successful retired athletes such as Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Gale Sayers, Roger Staubach and others have proven that competitive behavior is also effective in business. However, only a few of these successful entrepreneurs effectively deploy the concept of supplier diversity as a way to generate even greater successes.

Supplier diversity is an initiative established in 1969 as a result of President Nixon’s Executive Order 11458. The purpose was to assist companies that were owned, operated and controlled by minorities, women, veterans, disabled, and/or LGBTs with finding opportunities to sell products and services to large corporations.

RLC utilizes our expansive knowledge in supplier diversity (which encompasses industries such as healthcare, advertising, technology/telecom, media and sports) to build successful businesses owned by entertainers as well as current and/or retired athletes. Our partnerships with accelerator programs gives us a platform to provide the business acumen athletes and entertainers need to establish sustainable success on a global scale.

Our goal is to be the pre-eminent incubator for athletes and entertainers seeking to be the next success story in supplier diversity.