About Us



Robinson LaRueCo Consulting, LLC (RLC) is a firm that specializes in the improvement of diverse supplier inclusion in global supply chains through business development with diverse suppliers, creation of exemplary supplier diversity programs, and development of strategic plans to respond to community pressures. RLC’s expertise has led to the development of multiple award-winning supplier diversity programs as well as hundreds of partnerships between diverse companies and larger organizations.

RLC uses its industry-wide relationships to improve the inclusion of diverse suppliers into an organization’s supply chain. RLC’s continual education through panels, eLearning programs, executive management programs, and other platforms helps to increase the amount of competition across various industries which results in cost reduction.

Allow RLC to partner with your organization whether you are a diverse business owner, corporation seeking to launch a supplier diversity program, or supplier diversity professional. We have the capabilities and experience to assist you with developing exemplary diversity programs or to find potential collaborations between diverse firms and large organizations. Our passion for diversity allows us to work diligently to find solutions beneficial to all.