NMSDC Learning Michelle Le May 22, 2022

NMSDC Learning

The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and Wells Fargo have teamed up to supply online learning for minority business entrepreneurs (MBEs). Wells Fargo is supplying $200,000 in funding to the new NMSDC Learning Center platform. (NMSDC, 2022) The learning center will give MBEs access to online instruction to help grow their businesses. The learning center has over eight hundred online business development courses to aid diverse entrepreneurs in their quest to build their business and achieve the American dream of owning a business.

Students in Cafeteria

Online classes cover topics such as the Sales Process and Sales Training, Business Strategic Planning, Financing and Funding the Business, and eCommerce and Online Selling.

NMSDC has worked with MBEs since 1972 to encourage partnerships between minority business enterprises and large corporations, the public sector, and other businesses. NMSDC has helped over 15,000 MBEs connect to over 1,500 corporations to generate $396 billion in economic output annually and sustain 1.75 million jobs. (NMSDC, 2022)

“As we navigate a post-pandemic economy, we have embraced the new realities of doing business,” said Priscilla Wallace, senior vice president and head of Supplier Diversity and Supply Chain Sustainability for Wells Fargo. “Wells Fargo is proud to supply the seed funding for the NMSDC Learning Platform. We seek to provide a virtual opportunity for minority-owned firms with access to training and education to grow their businesses. We are proud to support minority-owned businesses through this learning center. We look forward to collaborating with NMSDC to offer more innovative and creative solutions to expand growth and development.” (NMSDC, 2022)

“We are the growth engine for the broadest group of systematically excluded communities of color,” comments Ying McGuire, chief executive officer and president of NMSDC. “And thanks to corporate members like Wells Fargo, NMSDC can provide equitable access to premier education for MBEs of all shapes and sizes, in all sectors of our economy, to help them grow and better serve our corporate members.” (NMSDC, 2022)

For more information on the NMSDC Learning Center please visit www.nmsdclearning.com.